Recommended Albums

Swedish Christmas (2020)

Mika Pohjola, Rigmor Gustafsson, Johanna Grüssner

Swedish Christmas features songs from around the world sung in Swedish, and some in English. Arranged in a contemporary fashion by Mika Pohjola, vocalists Rigmor Gustafsson and Johanna Grüssner... Read

The Music of John Coltrane (2009)

Rashied Ali, Prima Materia

Originally recorded on John Coltrane's sensational, futuristic 1967 recording, "Stellar Regions", Coltrane's drummer Rashied Ali joins the excellent group Prima Materia for new renditions of these... Read

Muumilauluja konserttinuotit (2024)

Tove Jansson, Erna Tauro, Mika Pohjola

Kaksikymmentä vuotta toimineen Muumilauluja-konserttibändin nuotit ensi kertaa nyt julkaistuna! Neljätoista alkuperäistä muumilaulua on sovitettu kahdelle laulajalle ja pianistille. Pianostemma... Read

Live Around Europe (2020)

Mika Pohjola, Matt Penman, Roberto Dani

Live Around Europe is a collection of pianist and composer Mika Pohjola's European live concerts from summer jazz festivals in 1996 and 1997, featuring bassist Matt Penman and drummer Roberto... Read

Bach Organ Works II (2010)

Torvald Torén

This album is in a series of unique material by the famous late organist Torvald Torén, who plays organ works by Johann Sebastian Bach. Volume II contains a selection of live recordings from... Read

Songs of Finland (2006)

Various Artists

Songs of Finland is a sound landscape album from the land of the thousand lakes. This album is an ample representation of an artistic scene with a song tradition, with tradition and nature, as well... Read
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Lilla Mys visa Sheet Music (2024)

Tove Jansson, Erna Tauro, Mika Pohjola, Johanna Grüssner

Explore the sheet music of Lilla Mys visa by Tove Jansson and Erna Tauro, arranged by Mika Pohjola, as it is recorded on Moomin Voices. If you'd like to delve into all Moomin Voices sheet music,... Read
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Johanna Grüssner

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